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Whether it is helping people achieve optimum performance in life, business or sport, Niamh has a proven track record of getting results at the highest level and as a psychologist she is well regarded and trusted. A naturally warm person, Niamh brings high levels of insight, clarity and perspective to her work along with great reserves of enthusiasm and humour. Her weekly segment with the Neil Delamere Sunday Best show on Today FM is one of the national station's most popular podcasts.

Niamh is an engaging, inspiring and entertaining speaker and she speaks on topics such as:

  • Building Self Confidence
  • Performing Under Pressure
  • Developing Team Cohesion
  • Resilience

Niamh also discusses what she has learned as a psychologist working with elite sports people for almost twenty-five years, including her role as HQ Psychologist with the Irish Olympic team at three Olympic Games and her work as psychological advisor to competitors from a wide variety of sports. There are many lessons to be learned from both successful and unsuccessful sports performances and Niamh speaks to how those lessons can be utilised to aid optimum performance in business, along with optimum mental health in life.

Working as a psychologist since 1991, Niamh specialises in the areas of optimum mental health and peak performance. Niamh holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Clinical Psychology and an MSc in Sport Management specialising in Sport Psychology. She is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Business & Life Coach. She has a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has recently begun training in Mindfulness. Niamh has lectured in Applied Psychology and Sport Psychology to students in London, Dublin and Waterford, where the focus was on educating students in the practical application of psychology. Niamh is an Accredited Sports Psychologist with the Irish Institute of Sport and is a member with the Psychological Society of Ireland.

“Niamh Fitzpatrick is one of the people on this earth I would trust more than anyone alive
— Liam Griffin, Manager, Wexford Senior Hurling Team 1996
I have had the immense pleasure to work with Niamh Fitzpatrick over many Olympic cycles in my capacity as Sports Director at the Olympic Council of Ireland. Having seen her interact with elite athletes at critical times in their career I can understand that it is not by chance that Niamh is held in such high regard. Her ability to clarify in both the athletes’ and their support personnel’s minds the singular purpose of their years of effort, at a time of immense pressure, cannot be understated.
— Martin Burke, Sports Director, Olympic Council of Ireland.

For more from Niamh, follow her on Twitter @NFitzPsychology. You can download words of wisdom from her weekly segment on Neil Delamere's Sunday Best for Today FM here. Niamh's website is