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Stellar Comedian of the Year 2017, Andréa Farrell is a funny girl from Dublin. A bright spark in Irish comedy, she quickly made an impact as a finalist in the RTÉ New Comedy Awards, a showcase for promising comedians that spring boarded her onto a staple of summer festival slots like the Vodafone Comedy Festival, Cat Laughs, Electric Picnic and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.  Most recently music fans caught Andréa as the lead in the video for HamsandwicH's hit track Bodies (below).

When she's not opening for comedy heavyweights like Stewart Francis, Marc Maron, David O'Doherty or Bill Burr, you'll catch Andréa doing regular slots at clubs and festivals around the country, where her laconic style and irreverent stage presence are a breath of fresh air.  Andrea broke new ground recently taking a camper van around Ireland with her chums, The Lads of Comedy, bringing their anarchic ‘supergroup’ approach to stages near and far. And no rest for the wicked; Andréa is also currently lending her support to the Irish Society of Crohns and Colitis (ISCC) by fronting its prominent media campaign #DoubleUp.

Andréa Farrell Live in Glasgow.

Follow Andréa on Twitter @anerdabags.

— Bill Burr
Winningly dry
— The Telegraph
One to watch
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